Beautiful Education

When God created everything, He said it was "very good." He designed it to be good and pleasing to Him. We believe education is discovering the beauty of God our Creator and the beauty of His creation. Access International School is dedicated to education through understanding the revelation of God in the Bible and in creation.

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Transformational Classroom

The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a sincere faith. It is not enough to simply impart information to the student.

Our classrooms are limited to 15 students per class so we can give  attention and nurture to each one. Our goal is for the lives of students and staff to be transformed into what God intended them to be.

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High Academic Standard

With the world wide web now within reach for most people, information is readily available. This has placed the demand on high standard education to deliver more than just content, it has to empower and engage the student in an  individually tailored setting that inspires them to learn and grow. Access International School education engages the whole student, mind, will, and emotions.

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Since 1993

Do You Like Who You Are?

The greatest compliment anyone can pay you is to say, "I like who I am when I am around you." Our students like who they are at Access International School, it reflects well on them. This frees them up emotionally and intellectually to learn and to grow as people of great value,  created by God for a noble purpose.

Students who transfer into AIS from other schools, usually come with a negative self-image and a dislike for school in general. This is probably the result of bullying and negative competition from other students and sometimes the staff of the school. These toxic schools leave a permanent mark on the student and do more harm than good.

At Access International School we make sure our staff is capable of nurturing the student, that they get to know them personally and develop a healthy relationship with every student, without exception. This is why you can often hear parents and students comment about how much they love coming to school and how they miss their teachers and friends during holidays.

While it is true that high academic performance is about gaining knowledge and passing tests, there is more to it. It is also about cultivating curiosity to inquire about life and to seek understanding. It takes a healthy heart to get a brain full of knowledge and at AIS we make sure both are taken care of.

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